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Brand ads case study: Incrementality testing with DrSmile | Client testimonial

Explore our comprehensive case study on brand ad incrementality testing with DrSmile. Delve into our detailed analysis of strategies and outcomes as we demonstrate the impact of brand advertising on overall marketing success. Learn how we applied innovative techniques to measure incrementality and how these insights shaped DrSmile's campaign effectiveness. This case study is a must-read for marketers and businesses seeking to understand the true value of their advertising efforts and drive measurable growth.

incrementality testing on brand ads

Brand ads case study: incrementality testing with DrSmile

Written by Anshu, DrSmile, Head of Paid Media

Shouldweswitchoffbrandads (an analytics service created by Incremento) conducted an exceptional work in executing the incrementality test for DrSmile. The meticulous planning and analytical acumen demonstrated by the team throughout the test period are commendable.

They ran a comprehensive testing, spanning multiple time periods, allowed for a thorough assessment of the brand campaigns’ impact on bookings. The quick glance results provided a clear snapshot of the active and paused brand campaigns, with a notable incrementality estimate of 11.5%. This insight is invaluable in understanding the contribution of these campaigns to conversions and has been a very valuable tool for DrSmile in adjusting its strategy.

They also know what they are doing as they understand the math behind and adjusted the test smartly through the period in order to make sure we have the most accurate conclusions possible. For instance, the statistical analysis, though not significant at the hour level, was convincingly reliable at a monthly level due to the volume of data and consistent estimated incrementality.

The recommendations provided are both practical and insightful. The suggestion to recalibrate the unit economics based on the CPiA and consider adapting our campaigns presence based on customer behaviour.

In conclusion, the Incremento team has showcased a high level of expertise in data interpretation, strategic insights, and practical recommendations. The collaborative and detail-oriented approach to this incrementality test has undoubtedly provided DrSmile with valuable insights for informed decision-making.”

Anshu, DrSmile, Head of Paid Media

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