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Google Ads Change History Analysis

An mini-app to analyse the Google Ads change history report to find out the level of activity in an account

How much work is being done on a Google Ads account?

The Google Ads change history report isn’t the easiest to read but it can tell you a lot about how the account is being managed. When we’re auditing accounts this is one of the first places we go to; if an account is being neglected that is important context for everything else we might find. We’ve turned our analysis into a tool to make it easy for anyone to get an overview of the activity in their account.

This analysis imports a change history report csv (for whichever date range is important for you) and gives you some visualisations and stats on how many changes are being carried out. We also estimate the active time in the account by creating “sessions” out of the individual changes (with a 30 minute cutoff) and looking at the time between the earliest and latest changes; this is with the caveat that it only includes active changes in the account and not the time needed for reporting, strategising or communication outside of this.

You can use this tool to audit a prospective client’s Google Ads account, or check the level of activity going on in your own account - if you have any questions or feedback let us know via our contact form!

This tool can be accessed for free here.